Photos by Ken Erfurth...

425 N. AUSTIN ST., SEGUIN, TEXAS 78155   830-372-6168

Ken Erfurth, San Antonio architect, began photographing the Texas Theatre in 2008, when restoration of the theatre was in its initial stages.

He just happened to be driving through Seguin at that time and saw the restoration work in progress.  He pulled out his camera and began shooting.

When Ken read in the San Antonio paper that the theatre was now open for events, he came back to photograph the results.

He has an artist’s eye for detail and his images are sharp, clear, and very pleasing.

Ken uses photography to document the unique visual aspects of his city and surrounding areas.  One particular emphasis is historic buildings..

Ken’s images have been used by the National Park Service, Texas Architect magazine, WhereSanAntonio  guidebook, VFW magazine, Elmore magazine, the City of San Antonio Office of Cultural Affairs, San Antonio Nowcast, San Antonio River Authority, and the UN Convention on Biological Diversity.

This is just a sample of Ken’s many photos of the Texas.

Texas Theatre

The Stephen & Mary Birch